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A World of Knowledge
Learning Center provides a TOP QUALITY
Education program that helps children awaken
their appreciation and respect for the world,
themselves and others. TM
Our mission is to engage the children in
an Accelerated Learning Program
where they will think, explore and create
while becoming successful independent learners.TM
The staff at A World of Knowledge understands that children have different learning abilities and one method of teaching will not meet everyone’s needs. This is why in 2003, we created a unique curriculum concept that encompasses all areas of learning using the best of traditional, montessori and progressive learning methods. While the young children sing, play, interact and explore, they are embracing new concepts that will help guide them to flourish in the future.
“What we learn to do, we learn by doing.”
- Aristotle

Expert Led Early Education Programs
Designed to Bring Out the Best in Your Child