Top Academic Excellence in Early Childhood Education
A World of Knowledge Learning Center is one of the single largest VPK provider in Broward County. Through a truly unique curriculum designed especially for the school, the children graduating from the program achieve high scores in assessments and screenings conducted in local schools. The majority of the children are placed in higher reading groups and after completing our first grade program, they are placed in high achievers or gifted programs.
A + Rating since 2005 from Florida Department of Education
The school has state GOLD SEAL Recognition. It is nationally accredited by A.P.P.L.E. and has received A+ rating from the state’s VPK program, since its inception in 2005, educating close to 100 VPK students each year with proven and successful kindergarten readiness skills.

National Institute for Literacy confirms that children who develop more skills in the preschool years perform better in the primary grades.

Various methods of teaching are incorporated in the curriculum to help maximize the child’s learning potential. Great emphasis is put on – learning by doing, problem solving and critical thinking skills which are essential to help the child in the future. Social and Emotional development are influenced by the values and manners that are displayed in the center on a daily basis.”We also introduce the children to conventional literacy skills such as decoding, sound fluency and beginning writing skills at an early age by engaging them in fun and age appropriate activities, so they can begin to manipulate sounds, recognize words and break them apart into smaller units. We have successfully managed to engage children in reading at the early age of three and they love it!” says Elizabeth Gonzalez, Center Owner / Director.Because of this, and so much more, the
center is recognized by parents and education professionals throughout the community, as a Top Quality Learning Center for children ages 3-6.

Expert Led Early Education Programs
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