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“I wanted to take this opportunity to express our greatest gratitude in your curriculum and staff. Your accelerated curriculum has pushed the limits of our education expectations. Our daughter who is in 4th grade at a local public school has shared a minimum of two spelling words per week with our son who is currently in your first grade program. There is no doubt in my mind that the skills your staff and yourself have provided my son, will follow him for a lifetime.”


As a professional in the education field, I’ll admit that I was skeptical of the learning claims made by A World of Knowledge. After speaking to parents and touring the facilities, however, I decided to enroll my 4 yr old daughter. She entered the VPK advanced program at AWOK as a monolingual Spanish speaker in 2009. After just one year, not only did she become a fluent English speaker, she graduated from the program reading on a second grade level.

A. Rodriguez

” I wanted to thank you and the entire staff at A World of Knowledge. You can not even compare your school to another in the area! Your staff’s dedication to the students and your curriculum is far beyond what anyone else is offering. In 2 years, not only has my son’s academic accomplishments amazed me, but he has also blossomed into a confident and outgoing child. I appreciate the extra effort and love that goes into each and every classroom. Because of this, I know my younger son will excel here and continue his quest for knowledge in your VPK program. See you in the fall!”

N. Davis

“The staff at AWOK provide love and encouragement by building the foundation of exploring new concepts that will help the children in their future endeavors.

M Cerrato

“As a mother of three I definitely see a difference in your curriculum when compared to my older children. Before I enrolled my daughter, I was a bit nervous and did not know what to expect from the school. I am now certain that my husband and I made the right choice. Thank you for all you do. I am very proud to say my daughter attends A World of Knowledge.”

M. Mozo

“I am writing this letter as an official thank-you to you and your entire staff. My hus-band and I attended a parent – teacher conference for our son and I am so excited to report that after completing your VPK program, he is a “solid first grad reader” and he is able to read “3rd grade words“. It is without a doubt in my mind that his experiences at A World of Knowledge helped him achieve this level in a short 3 weeks time in kindergarten. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for you, your vision and your entire staff.”

K. Robinson

” Upon researching all the preschools in Pembroke Pines, I was impressed by the school’s curriculum, detail in classrooms, huge playground, as well as an amazing and courteous staff. Moms, you will be totally impressed!”

M. Suarez

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